At this time we run training sessions on an interest basis as we customize to each client.  Please call to reserve a time for your company and further information.
  Finding & Keeping the Right People This program is designed to provide individuals involved in the recruiting process with the knowledge and skills to source employees and ensure their fit within the organization.
  Customer Service This program is designed to teach employees how to provide high quality customer service and refine the skills necessary for today's sales professional. 
  Facilitation Skills This course will teach you how to be an effective facilitator - to keep a meeting on track or a training session on topic. Learn how to read the participants and handle different personalities and behaviours.
  Management Development This program is designed to provide a comprehensive review of management and the associated skill-sets to be effective as a manager.

Opening the Door to your Future

This program is designed to assist individuals facing lay-off, downsizing, or career transition by providing the tools and the guidance to move forward with their professional life. 
  Leadership Development This program is designed to provide a comprehensive review of the skills and attributes leaders need to be successful and achieve positive results for the company. 
  Problem Solving & Decision Making These components can be delivered separately or combined within the Leadership program if appropriate.
  Teambuilding This workshop uses Individual Team objectives to explore teamwork concerns and the development of methods and processes to help the team be more productive.
  Train the Trainer This program is designed for individuals who have to conduct presentations, train staff members or customer groups as small as 3 or 4 and up to 20 or 30. The program will be very interactive and each participant should have a topic they will use in training, partially prepared so that it can be enhanced and practiced during the program. Videos will be conducted and reviewed by participants. 
  Performance Management This program is designed to assist managers and supervisors understand a company's performance management program and then to assist them conduct effective and meaningful discussions. 
  Interviewing Workshop

Interviewing skills are critical to finding good employees and also critical skills in day-to-day management. This program will assist individuals to use interviewing in their day-to-day jobs.

  Effective Presentations This session will improve preparation and presentation skills of presenters, along with how to work visual aids and tailor the delivery to different audience types.
  Strategic Planning Working with the organization, this customized workshop examines all aspects of the business plans and is finalized by a goal setting activity to move the process forward.
  Project Management Most managers need to manage projects. This program explores methods to plan, organize, schedule and control projects.
  Customer Oriented Selling Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to demonstrate the skill to conduct sales needs analysis, needs-oriented selling, customer problem resolution, and how to use customer problems as a tool to improve sales.


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